TIGER TALES: Let’s get blogging, Tigers!

The Tigers’ new website is technically not a website – it’s a WordPress blogging site that has the appearance of a website and many similar functions.

The blogging aspect of the site allows blog posts to be published directly within the site, stored and linked to social media or other blogging sites.Tiger laptop writing

So here’s the idea – encourage everyone associated with the club to get blogging as a way of sharing information, views and maybe / hopefully some humour!?

Maybe those behind the scenes at the club can share some of their own experiences highlights and challenges of running the club? Parents could share their views of the game? Coaches / managers will surely have plenty to say!? Even better, the players could write about their favourite players, experiences and many other things.

And here’s how it works¬†– posts (writing on a topic) can be hand-written or emailed then sent to be ¬†posted onto the website. Posts should be between 200-500 words long. (This post is 240 words long). A template can be provided for players and coaches. I will post a couple to get things started off, but it will work best if different people contribute.

Blog posts will appear here and links will be sent via Facebook and Twitter to alert everyone to new blogs.

Contributions can be passed to Sarah Taylor on a Wednesday evening at training (Under 11’s parent 2015-16, Kev’s and Reg’s Team) or e-mailed to sarahjohn.taylor@virgin.net

John Taylor – U11’s parent

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