Covid Update

Update from the Fa on Grassroots football

Update from The East Manchester Junior Football League


East Manchester update

. Spectators limited to 2 per player, in practice it will be as follows. If you have 14 Players then the
team are permitted 28 spectators, Plus coaches this can be adults or siblings. This however only
applies to the Central Venues booked by the EMJFL. Any 11 a side games will have to be as per your
clubs policy. For the 11 a side teams please make sure you advise opponents of any such restrictions
that may be in place at your club/venue.
.only 2 coaches per team on the touch line.
. All teams must ensure that they have sanitiser available.
. At all times teams must follow guidance set out by the FA for cleaning goals etc. Unfortunately, it
isn’t something we could carry out at our central venues. With over 54 games at Wright Robinson
alone, there would not be much football played if we had to ask the two coordinators to do them.
. All teams will need to provide a match ball, most age groups did this last season anyway, the U7S
and U8s however had a ball we used all day. For the time being this will cease.
. All teams must keep a copy of all players/spectators that are attending for the purpose of track and
. Anyone showing any symptoms at all should refrain from attending.
.Anyone who has had a test within the 48 hours of any fixture should refrain from attending unless
the test returns negative.
. All teams/spectators to make sure they wait in any designated areas set out by venues I.e waiting
areas / pens etc
. Only teams playing the game to be on the pitch at any one time. Teams on the following game
should only enter after teams have vacated the pitch.
. For the smooth running of the games, all games must finish at the scheduled time. Cooperation
from all is essential to ensure this works.
. No team talks should take place on the pitch after the games.
. Once the games are completed teams need to leave the facility by the nearest exit or follow any
specific venue information that may be posted.
Venue specific
. Teams designated to play on the Top pitch MUST use the rear car park which can be accessed by
passing the main entrance on your right (coming from Gorton) and turning left onto Pink Bank Lane,
the car park is located opposite St Peters School. To access the pitch walk straight to the top. Holding
areas are to be set up for teams arriving and waiting to go to the pitches.
.Teams designated to play on the Stadium pitch MUST use the main car park (front of main entrance)
there will be double gates leading to the pitches, again there will be holding areas for teams waiting
to play. Spectators for the Stadium Pitch MUST social distance themselves in the area behind where
the coaches stand.
. No teams/spectators should enter the pitch until the previous game has finished and teams have
vacated the pitch.
. Toilets for this venue will be located under the main stand. Access to the venue from the rear will
not be possible.
The Mike Doyle Centre
. First and foremost, parking at The Mike Doyle Centre is limited so be mindful of where you park if
you do use the surrounding streets.
. The Mike Doyle Centre have a clearly marked one-way system in place. Again when teams arrive,
please find a space where your team can wait until you can enter the pitch.
Ten Acres Lane
. Toilets are located inside the main building, again please ensure all guidelines set out are adhered
Wright Robinson
. Toilets in use are located inside the main building. Access MUST be from the front of the main
building only.
. Catering – the will be catering onsite who will also have a one-way system in place and are fully
Covid compliant.
Tameside Stadium
. Toilets are located inside the building so please be mindful of social distancing rules.
. Café – there is a one-way system in place along with floor markings to ensure distances are kept.
For All other venues please follow any guidance that may be visible onsite.