The Club started approximately late 1976 known as Dukinfield Lads’ Club. They had just one team and they played for a season as Under 10s in the local league.

From this start, was the birth of Dukinfield Tigers. The team moved up to Under 11s and a new team was formed. This was mainly due to two parents watching a local coaching course and signing boys. With these two teams, Tigers won most honours, including leagues, 5 a side and other major honours in the Reddish League and Stockport Junior League. Each year after a new team was formed.

In 2000 there was a change of committee and it was decided that the Club name would be changed to Dukinfield Town J.F.C. However, at the end of 2007/8 season it was voted that the Club would revert back to their previous and most famous name of Dukinfield Tigers JFC. The Tigers roar again!


Just to say how far the Club has come on, we currently run 16 teams which includes 4 girls only teams*, all credit to Managers (past and present) and most of all, parents support!

Our Club aims to continue to provide a fun and friendly learning environment for all children/young adults to participate in. All players are being trained to participate in a healthy activity which will also develop their characters, help them to make new friends and learn to give and take in their relationships with others.

All our Members (Managers, Coaches and Committee) are volunteers who put in a lot of time and effort to make this facility available. Not many people are aware of what goes on in the background – many people think it’s just a case of turning up and letting their child play football and do some training. Well there’s more to it than that, believe us…lots and lots of paperwork to complete, regular contact with the F.A., The Leagues, Tameside MBC, various telephone calls to other teams and managers and kit & equipment suppliers. We welcome any help from parents, carers, grandparents, aunties, uncles etc. Although we try to keep subs/fees to a minimum we will occasionally have to hold some fundraising events to help with the cost of kits, equipment, insurance, pitch fees and other training venues. Anyone who has suggestions about possible fundraising events or social gatherings, please contact your manager or send an email direct to the club at dukitigers@tiscali.co.uk (direct to Secretary) – we are always happy to hear from you.

*Not including the fun cub sessions for 4-6 yr olds


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